Why I start a blog

Hi everyone! My name is Ingrid and I am a french girl that left her country to follow the love of her life. My husband and I met at the university, he was in France for his studies. He is Mauritian, and it’s been almost 7 years now, that he brought me with him to Mauritius.

I am an active woman and I work a lot. I enjoy working and I am passionate about what I do, but I also need to chill out, and sometimes just to do nothing.

The reason I wanted to start a blog is to make some kind of statement. I like to do a lot of stuff in my spare time but whenever I look into websites or blogs on the internet, I feel frustrated. Why? Because I like to cook but I am not a chef or a domestic goddess, I like to sew but I am not able to make perfect quilt, and when I draw or paint, I don’t create masterpiece. To be honest, now I don’t create anything at all but that is not the point.

In the way of life, at some point, I forgot that enjoying life and having hobbies were not about performance or measuring oneself on a scale of 1 to 10. I don’t say that we should not try to get better and to progress in things that we do. I’m just saying that sometimes we should learn to appreciate what we achieved even if it’s not perfect. We should do what we like and enjoy life to the fullest.

In this blog, hopefully, you’ll find inspiration about simple food, crafty hobbies, and any kind of passion you may have. And for me, I wish to meet new people like you, to learn new things from you and to simply enjoy sharing with you.

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