A t-shirt and a turtle neck for Charlot

Hi Guys! So in case you’re wondering, Charlot is my male dog. He is the son of my female dog Pistache (Peanut in english). Some time ago, Pistache decided to run away. It lasted less than 5 minutes but it was enough for a dog who was around, to do … his business. So 3 weeks after Christmas  (January 2015) , we helped her to deliver 4 puppies. I said we helped because for her, it didn’t seem all so natural and instinctive.

For those of you who never attended such event, you have to know that puppies are delivered in a bag that looks like a plastic wrap. Basically, the membrane has to be removed within 5-6 minutes, otherwise the puppy dies by suffocation.

Charlot was the last one of the sibblings to arrive. Pistache who was already overwhelmed with her 3 newborn puppies, had a lack of attention. As a result, she began to rip part of the membrane around Charlot’s legs and “forgot” about the rest of the body. She, then, returned to take care of the other 3. We tried to draw her attention back to Charlot, but she didn’t seem to understand. Charlot started to squeal and we saw him suffocating. With clean hands, I put on a pair of disposable gloves and ripped the membrane near the head. Once outside the bag, Ash and I started to worry because he was blue and not responding. So we took him and both of us started frictionning him (not very gently) to activate his blood circulation. After few minutes he was saved and ok and we put him with the others.

Charlot after few days of existence, too cute.

We don’t know if it’s the circumstance of his birth or not, but some days later, we noticed that he was more delicate than the others and skittish. Like really skittish… That is why, every winter we have to give him something to keep him warm. Unfortunately, every  thing we give him, he plays with it and destroy it, whether it is a big cushion or cloth.

This time we opted for a minimum effort.  We bought a t-shirt for a 10 year old and I slightly arranged it.


I have shortened the sleeves and since I don’t like waste, I used the remaining cut sleeves to sew a turtle neck.


I remove the stitches and I sew each part of the sleeves together.


Look at the result. It’s quite ok and it fits its principal purpose, to keep my dog warm. They even look assorted…


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