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DIY: Super Easy Yummy Cashew Nuts Milk (Vegan)

Hi Everybody,

Ok, I slightly oversold my vegetal juice, but frankly it is really good. Since I am dairy-free, I alternate between industrial processed vegetal juice/milk* and homemade vegan milk. Processed vegan milks have a better consistency and last longer in your fridge than homemade products because of the additives and preservatives they contain. Their taste is also more neutral (depending of the milk you buy) than homemade milks. Nonetheless, I prefer to make my own for two reasons. First, it is less costly to make 1 liter of homemade milk than purchasing it (in particular, rice  and soya milk are cheap to make). Second, I produce less garbage. Like I said it depends on your habits and the consistency and flavor you are looking for. To bake a cake, homemade milk is perfect, but to make a pasta sauce or gratin, not so much.

* The EU has given its ruling regarding the labelling of”vegan dairies products”. Under the pressure of europeans dairy lobbies, and to not induce any misconception or misunderstanding in the mind of final consumers about these products, they won’t be allowed/able to bear the same appelation as of dairies. There will be no more almond milk or soya cheese, but vegetal juice or some appelation like that. No judgement is made here, it’s not good or bad, I am only sharing a fact.
Quizz, if it was up to you  to rebrand these products, how would you name them 1. vegetal milk, 2. vegetal cheese and 3. vegetal cooking cream?

Why did I choose cashew nuts? Because where I live it’s not overpriced and it’s a better deal than other nuts. Also, cashew juice is quicker to produce than rice or soya milk. I don’t need planning. If you have access to other type of nuts like almonds or hazelnuts, this recipe works too. The cashew nut being sweet in taste, I thought its milk would have a  syrupy flavor. In fact it’s quite the opposite and the milk has a really strong taste. I like it but don’t use it in preparation like beschamel or caramel/chocolate sauce, it would not produce the expected result. To finish, I like the texture as it is, but you can thicken your juice with a little bit of xanthan gum (1tsp or less per liter). The milk can be stored  in your fridge during 3-4 days maximum.

Serve: Around 1 liter

Time: 10 min

Tools: Blender, a vegetal milk bag, a bowl, a glass/plastic bottle

Vegetal milk bag


  • 3 cup of water
  • 1 cup of cashews (or almonds/hazelnuts)
  • Agave or mapple syrup (optional, I personally don’t sweeten my juice)


1. In your blender, put the water and cashews and blend for 2-3 minutes. The milk is ready but it contains residues of the cashews. To sweeten the milk, you can add agave or mapple syrup (according to taste) and blend it again.


2. To have a nice liquid milk with no residues, put your milk bag in a bowl. Pour over the milk in the bag (directly from the blender). Let the milk flow out of the bag, in the bowl. At the end, you have to squeeze the bag to help the milk flows. When this process is over, you will be left with milk in the bowl, and residues in the bag.

3. For the milk:

Pour the milk in a clean sterelized glass bottle or plastic bottle. To keep 3-4 days in the fridge.

White bread with a bottle of homemade cashew nuts milk.

For the residues, you have options:

(a) Nothing: You can throw it away althought not really ecological.

(b) Sweet Dip: You can mix it with a bit of fat (margarine or oil) and sugar and why not chocolate, to make a cashew puree (like a sweet dip or a sort of nutella).

(c) Vegan Cheese : You can also keep the residues in the bag, and add salt, herbs, onion and garlic powder and press it between to bowl until it dries out in the fridge. It should give you some sort of cashew cheese. I am actually experimenting this option and will  revert back soon on this trial. For the time being, it has a weird texture and smell like “brie”.


















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