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Flat Bread Roti Style (Gluten-Free)

Hello guys,

Few weeks ago, I have been offered 3 packs of different gluten free flours in my local gluten free store. In exchange, I had to make at least 3 recipes with it and send it to the managers, in order for them to share the recipes on their facebook page. I was very happy to maybe help some people by sharing my tested trial and errors recipes. It was great getting something free to use, but also challenging since for 1 specific product (BRM millet flour), I ‘ve been asked to make roti (indian flat bread that we also have in here and are as popular as regular bread).

So I tried and as usual, I have obtained a partial result, meaning it’s good, it looks like roti but it is not as soft. Roti is supposed to be like a tortilla and you should be able to fold it. Well, too bad, I used the all packet and din’t have more to try again. So these GF rotis must be served like a toast, or pizza based. Top it with curries or dishes, and savor! However, I need to add a personal opinion, I find millet roti kind of bitter. I tried it plain, and my husband had finished it before I could try with curries so I don’t know if served with other food, it would be good or still bitter.


Serve: 10-12 rotis

Time: Prep Time- 12 min, Cooking time 15 min

Tools: Frying pan, big bowl, rolling pin, a brush


  • 3 cups of millet flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill)
  • 1 1/2 tsp of xantham gum
  • 1 cup of water
  • 3/4 to 1 tsp of salt
  • Vegetable oil for frying


1. In a big bowl, mix the millet flour, xantham and salt.

2. Add at a slow paste, the water and start to mix. When the ingredients are well combined, knead the dough for 8-10 minutes.


3. On a floured surface, make 10 to 12  small balls of dough and roll them evenly.

4. In a small glass pour some frying oil ( less than 1/4 cup), dip your brush in it, and grease your pan.

5. Heat your pan on medium heat and when the pan is hot, add your roti, and brush very few oil on the surface of your roti.

6. Let it cook 40-45 seconds on one side and let it cook the same amount of time on the other side. You know one side is ready when it starts bubbling. Be carefull, it dries and burn very fast (like in 10 seconds).


7. Repeat the same steps to cook the other rotis.

Tada it’s ready.

20170805_123203Note: Rotis cannot be preserved long (maximum 48 hours) and are better fresh. They should not be frozen, unless you succeed in making them soft and tender.



















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