Hi everyone! My name is Ingrid and I am a French girl that left her country to follow the love of her life. My husband Ashwin and I met at the university, he was in France for his studies. He is Mauritian, and it’s been 7 years now, that he brought me with him to Mauritius.

I am an active woman and I work a lot. I enjoy working and I am passionate about what I do, but I also need to chill out, and sometimes just to do nothing. I love cooking some simple recipes, and I like even more eating. I draw, paint, sew, but not very well. I like going out with friends and watching movies and tv shows.

Few weeks ago, I also learnt that I was allergic among other things to dairies, eggs, wheat (and other cereals), tomatoes, some nuts, etc… Since then, I try to adapt to this new diet and lifestyle. I’ll be sharing with you my views on being allergic and new recipes (or at least new for me) that I’ll be creating/ testing.

Fortunately for you, Ashwin, is co-author of my blog and corrects all my articles before I post it online. Sometimes, he even gives me idea (he likes puns, it is his trademark).

In this blog, hopefully, you’ll find inspiration about simple food, crafty hobbies, and any kind of passions you may have. And for me, I wish to meet new people like you, to learn new things from you and to simply enjoy sharing with you.